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My research experience is in HPC and scalable systems research with a focus on communication and networks. In my dissertation I examined contention in the memory subsystem as a result of one-sided communication. I studied power saving opportunities in the network fabric and how we can develop dynamic, and responsive network monitoring. In the future I would like to apply my knowledge of communications and networks to improve the performance of applications and develop efficient end-to-end workflows. More broadly, my long-term career goals are to engage in HPC research that has a direct impact application performance and scalability.

Keywords: Networks, Communications, Performance Modeling, Simulation

Academic and National Laboratories

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory -- NERSC

Research exploring design of HPC systems with a focus on networks at NERSC

Sandia National Laboratories & UNM

Research in the Center for Computing Research, exploring power and performance of HPC networks.

University of New Mexico

Research Under Dorian Arnold work focuses on high performance computing and scalability issues. In particular, I worked on development of efficient overlay networks, bootstrapping strategies, and system monitoring solutions.

Texas State University

Research under Xiao Chen

Term Projects

  • ROFLCOPTER: A program developed to find hidden inter-dependencies between companies on the S&P500. Term project for undergraduate data mining course. Programmed in C#.
  • Comparison between Brainfuck and Completely Fair Scheduler on commodity systems - Dec 2009.
  • Stupid Routing is Smart - a routing strategy for Dave Ackley's Illuminato X Machina's (Arduino-ish boards that can be joined together). To test this, a distributed prime factorization workload ran across 15 boards.



  • Working on the network infrastructure team at Yahoo! Inc. Work involved understanding of Yahoo's next-gen networks and deploying frameworks for collecting and storing metrics to support the operations team. Using OpenTSDB, custom switch collectors on top of a emulated cluster.

Kula Media Group

  • Work on the Kulabyte Video Encoder. I spent part of my time at Texas State working with a local San Marcos company, doing QA for Windows-based video encoder development. The encoder was successfully used for live, HD, streaming of Operation Myspace from Iraq and Major League Baseball.